Snowy Hydro 'sale' 

Snowy Hydro chief executive Terry Charlton said: "Dr Kelly is creating unnecessary anxiety in the community and amongst Snowy Hydro staff with his suggestion today on the steps of Snowy Hydro that there could be substantial job losses in Cooma. Interestingly, it was only a few Essential Energy workers who attended in support of Dr Kelly.

"Privatisation of Snowy Hydro is a matter for the three shareholders and I have no indication that the shareholders are considering a privatisation of Snowy Hydro.

"There are no plans, discussions or initiatives that would suggest a privatisation of the company is being considered by the shareholding governments or the Snowy Hydro Board.

"It's been reported at Dr Kelly's media announcement this morning that Snowy Hydro, if it were privatised, could be owned by overseas interests; but a more realistic outcome is for Snowy Hydro to be one day owned by the community including the grandsons and granddaughters of the proud men and women who built the scheme, our employees and of course also local people as private investors in the company into the future."

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