Barilaro says no plans to sell off Snowy Hydro

Nationals state Member John Barilaro has 'condemned' his federal Labor counterpart Mike Kelly for 'scaremongering' over the status of Snowy Hydro.

Earlier this week Dr Kelly accompanied a delegation from the Electrical Trades Union to a 'meeting' outside Snowy Hydro offices in Cooma. They raised the possibility of the company being sold off by its shareholders (the federal and NSW and Victorian state governments).

They said this could result in the loss of hundreds of jobs and the closure of the Cooma office.

Mr Barilaro, said Dr Kelly was showing how disingenuous he was about electricity reform, preferring to play the cheap political blame game.

"Dr Kelly needs to learn to be honest with the voters of this region, because his political agenda does nothing to help the struggling families and businesses who are hurting from the 70 per cent price increases delivered under the previous Labor government," Mr Barilaro said.

"Efficiency reforms along with other measures are absolutely necessary so we can place downward pressure on electricity prices," Mr Barilaro said.

"The NSW Government has made it absolutely clear that it will not privatise the electricity network unless given a mandate by the people of NSW. This topic is still to be discussed and debated by government members, but one that I as a National Party member oppose.

"Furthermore, there are no plans to sell off Snowy Hydro electricity assets," Mr Barilaro concluded.

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