Tragic, lonely, sad death

A COOMA man living alone in Mulach Street has been found dead in his home - up to two months after he passed away.

He was found sitting in front of a television, which was still switched on, after tradesmen alerted police to a strong smell emanating from his unit.

But neighbours, family or friends had not reported anything wrong.

According to a Cooma police spokesperson, 62-year-old Phillip Dodd had been dead for up to eight weeks before the alarm was raised by tradesmen last week as they were about to start some routine maintenance.

Cooma police are surprised that neighbours in the Southern Cross Community Housing complex didn't notice the foul smell which was obvious outside Mr Dodd's unit, one in a block of six.

They are baffled how this could happen in a town like Cooma.

It seems no-one noticed Mr Dodd, father of two adult children, was not around, shopping or getting out and about.

Police said the death was not suspicious. An autopsy had been conducted revealing the man died of natural causes.

A police spokesperson said the man's washing had been on the clothes line for a long time and mail was banking up in his mail box.

Mr Dodd had lived in the Southern Cross Community Housing since 2011.

He died alone in his house watching television.

Police said he had contact with his two adult daughters in Sydney about eight weeks ago. He was separated from his wife who lives in Queensland.

Cooma police have contacted the man's family.

Police are making further enquiries to identify the time of death for the Coroner.

Southern Cross Community Housing chief executive officer Marg Kaszo said Mr Dodd had not reported any illness to the housing service and believe his death was sudden and unexpected.

"Mr Dodd did have a neighbour next to him who talked to him but he had just recently moved," Ms Kaszo said.

"Mr Dodd's passing is extremely sad, and we would like to express our condolences to family and friends.

"We encourage all our tenants to keep in touch with others in their neighbourhood, even if it is just to say good morning.

"The utilisation of services such as the Red Cross daily telephone service is also a great way to keep in touch."

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