Pride in new car shortlived

A man has had his car confiscated by police less than an hour after buying it in Cooma.

After buying the car on Tuesday last week at about 4pm, the 21-year-old man proceeded to race his car and do burnouts around town before police stopped him in Crisp Street.

Police said the man's driving was reckless and the burnout marks on Crisp Street show that if someone had been coming over the crest of the hill there could have been a serious accident.

The former Cooma resident won't get the car back for three months after being charged with aggravated burnouts under tough new laws to combat anti-social 'car hoon' behaviour.

The man will have to pay for the towing and the car's storage for three months.

Under current laws cars of repeat offenders can be seized and forfeited to the Crown.

Usually, these vehicles are sold and the money used to recover storage and collection costs. The new laws allow suitable vehicles to be released to Roads and Maritime Services for crash testing.

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