Gardens survive a snowy Spring

After a challenging spring, gardens in Adaminaby, Anglers Reach and surrounds were judged in the annual Garden Competition. Gardeners had to contend with heavy snow in the middle of October stripping and killing trees, high winds drying the moisture from the ground and plants and some very hot days. Despite this the gardens were a delight overcoming the ravages of the weather.

It is fascinating to see how different gardeners use the same plants in differing ways to achieve a wide range of effects. The use of common plants such as poppies, lupins, pansies, petunias and daisies in garden beds and frame features in the gardens were inspirational as is the use of recycled articles to enhance garden design. In one garden, carved kangaroos are a feature while in another, an old wheelbarrow has become an interesting feature.

The judge commented on common garden plants becoming a weed problem. While not identifying any in the gardens judged particularly, she commented that some plants can grow in ways not foreseen by gardeners when they plant them. It is essential that gardeners research plants before using them and be careful about disposing of any garden waste as this can create an environmental disaster. Trees that put out runners or plants that have lots of seeds are of particular concern.

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