Father and son's close shave for a cause

It was all for a good cause when a father and son team agreed to have their heads shaved on Monday.

Monaro High School science head teacher Chris Tame and his son Jono lost their locks to raise money for a year 12 fundraiser to support mental health services.

When asked if he was getting his beard shaved, Mr Tame said "that's never coming off".

"I'd need 10 grand to take that off," Mr Tame said.

The money will go to a mental health organisation but the year 12 students haven't decided which one yet.

Year 12 head teacher Casey Marks said students were raising money for a number of charities.

The students had a mufti day on Monday to raise money and about $280 was raised.

"But there is more coming in and more money will be raised at the twilight concert tonight (Tuesday)," Mrs Marks said.

Mr Tame's son Jono, who is in year 4 at Cooma North Public School bravely came along to have his head shaved in front of the Monaro High School assembly with his dad.

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