Left for dead

The Cooma RSPCA is struggling with the number of cats and kittens being dumped on the Monaro over the last few weeks.

Cooma RSPCA cat co-ordinator Debbie Robinson said a huge number of cats and kittens are being dumped in the region.

"We have had about 30 cats and kittens come so far this season," Mrs Robinson said.

Mrs Robinson said it was "heartless the way some cats have just been dumped and left to fend for themselves with their new-born kittens".

There are 16 cats and their kittens in the Cooma pound at the moment in addition to the ones that Mrs Robinson and volunteers look after in their homes.

"There are definitely more cats and kittens than last year. The litters are huge this year. Often litters are only one or two, but this year we are getting litters of six and nine," she said.

'Ellie' and her six kittens (pictured) were found by a couple who were driving along the road near Jerangle.

"They noticed a cat sitting beside a big furniture box on the side of the road and thought it was a bit strange. They went back and found the mother sitting beside the box and the kittens were inside it.

"The couple were terribly upset that someone could do that. They put them all in their car brought them in to me.

"The mother cat was very thin when she came in. She was feeding six kittens and probably had no food herself.

"If we can't find a home here they will go to Sydney, so we will need to keep them longer to get them up to a kilo [in weight]," Mrs Robinson said.

A couple of weeks ago a fisherman rescued another cat and her three kittens left in a box on the edge of Lake Jindabyne.

"He drove all the way to Cooma from Jindabyne to give them to the RSPCA," Mrs Robinson said.

"Thank goodness for the RSPCA 'Drives for Lives' bus that can take some of these cats and kittens to Sydney to be rehoused. They are a godsend," Mrs Robinson said.

"Our website is also working really well with a lot of the cats and kittens going to homes in Canberra," she said.

Cooma RSPCA volunteers go to the pound twice a day to feed the cats and kittens and clean the compound.

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