Traditional painting brings Christmas joy to maternity ward

Christmas came early at the maternity ward at Cooma Hospital. A traditional aboriginal painting was donated to maternity on Tuesday. The art work was created by three aboriginal inmates at Cooma Correctional Centre.

They spent about six to nine months creating the work and chose to have it donated to maternity at Cooma Hospital.

Nurse unit manager at Cooma Correctional Centre Vicki Sanki handed over the painting on the inmates' behalf.

She said their art is often sold at the jail museum and have had a lot of money offered for their work.

The painting is divided into sections created by the individual artists.

The section with the circles represents watering holes for animals and the red dots around them depict tracks left from the animals coming and going from the watering hole.

The animals represent totems, which are not allowed to be eaten or killed.

The painting also represents some of the differing tribes' traditional totems and the most popular animals on the land such as the crocodile and the rainbow serpent.

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