Seears named club person for 2012

On Sunday December 16, Cooma Field & Game held their Christmas 75 target Clay Target Shoot at the Middlingbank range. This Annual Shoot comprises a number of events that are included in the 75 targets.

The Christmas event is the last for the year and the Club Champion is determined at this time. Richard Seears was awarded Cooma Club champion for 2012.

The main event is a Side by Side event that has a perpetual trophy and sash as the form of recognition for the winner. This year, the event was won by Toby Edwards a Cooma Club member from Victoria.

This event also comprises a trophy and sash for the winner of the "Springing Teale" section. The "Springing Teale" is a target that is sent vertically or almost vertically into the air and the shooter who hits the most of these during the shoot is declared the "Springing Teale" Champion. This year, the event was won by Phillip Craig from Bermagui. A novelty "Turner Teams" tower shoot event is conducted at the conclusion of the shoot day and this was won by Jan Redman and Mark Gshwend from Bermagui. There were shooters from Canberra, Victoria and Bermagui as well as the locals.


Side by Side

High Gun

Phillip Craig (Bermagui

A Grade

1st Mark Corbett (Cooma) 57/75

2nd Trevor Heise (Cooma) 51/75

3rd Darren Redman (Bermagui) 50/75

B Grade

1st Toby Edwards (Victoria) 55/75

2nd Tony Nassar (Cooma) 49/75

3rd Steve McIntyre (Cooma) 46/75

C Grade

1st Roger Budd (Bermagui) 39/75

2nd Ian Bates (Cooma) 35/75

3rd Eddie Tierney (Cooma) 29/75


1st Andreas Nassar (Cooma) 43/75

2nd Jozeph Nassar (Cooma) 39/75

3rd Clinton Clifford ( Cooma) 18/75

Under and Over

A Grade

1st Adam Shiels (Bermagui) 53/75

2nd Nev Brady (Bermagui) 52/75

3rd Bill Warrener (Canberra) 52/75

B Grade

1st Colin Brownlie (Cooma) 53/75

2nd Ken Jones (Cooma) 51/75

2nd Craig Field (Bermagui) 47/75

C Grade

1st Andrew Fairfield-Smith (Cooma) 55/75

2nd Kris Jones (Cooma) 42/75

3rd Barry Mead (Bermagui) 41/75


1st Jan Redman (Bermagui) 45/75

2nd Barby Magrin (Bermagui) 34/75

3rd Rhonda White (Cooma) 30/75


1st Jake Hedger (Cooma) 45/75

2nd Grace Gschwend (Bermagui) 43/75

3rd Brody Walters (Cooma) 42/75

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