The perils of beekeeping

HE GOT into beekeeping after a friend died and his family asked Neil if he knew anyone who was interested in taking over the hives. He did, he had a friend, Bill, who had just acquired a couple of hives, had read a book and had a half-suit. So they headed off to Canberra to collect the hives.

On the night it was quite hot and most of the bees were still out of the hives keeping cool but the blokes were prepared - suit, boots and smoker and - unfortunately - a pair of trousers full of holes. When they started to move the first hive the bees were quite annoyed and started stinging his friend everywhere and the bees were stinging Neil as well.

So they thought they would hold off for a little while and they went to the pub.

Finally they decided to stay the night and try again in the morning. They got the hives loaded and headed off, windows down trying to get rid of bees. They got to Williamsdale and decided to stop.

Neil went to get a drink and Bill got out to have a smoke. The bloke in the petrol station was looking out towards the road and said, "I wonder what is going on over there."

Bill was running down the road being pursued by bees.

They finally got back on the road, windows still open trying to get rid of bees. Eventually they arrived back in Cooma.

Neil said he was going to park the truck in the middle of the paddock and come back later to unload the hives. Later in the day they came back with better coverings. Bill said he would unstrap the hives and then Neil was to come and help lift them off.

Neil was waiting patiently when he looked up and saw Bill running towards the house and shouting - he had forgotten to do the zips up on the protective suit and had a hood full of bees.

Bill made it to the house and when Neil arrived he found Bill with his head under the tap trying to cool all the stings. They finally got the hives unloaded.

A little time later Neil decided to move the hives down to his place at the coast and asked Bill if he would give him a hand - Neil now has one less friend.

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