Ideal conditions for feral animals

GOOD seasons have not only been beneficial for the region's livestock, it has also provided ideal conditions for feral animals to breed. The South East Livestock Health & Pest Authority (LHPA) urges landholders across the region to contact their local LHPA office to discuss options for controlling pest animals on their properties. Baiting is often the first response for managing fox and rabbit problems, but many landholders are unaware that certification is required to use pesticides.

The South East LHPA has had great success with delivering a training program of 1080 and Pindone baiting courses specifically designed to accredit landholders to bait on their property. Over 500 landholders have participated in these courses in the past two years across the South East LHPA.

The three hour course provides landholders with a clear understanding of the use of 1080 and Pindone poisons. The training course does not replace the AQF chemical application course, run by TAFE, SmartTrain or ChemCert, which remains a requirement for the use of any other pesticide.

The training course covers topics such as baiting techniques, toxicity, storage, transport, legislation and managing risk. Those completing the course will be issued a certification card and accreditation for the use of 1080 for the control of rabbits, wild dogs, wild pigs and foxes and Pindone for rabbits, which is valid for five years.

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