LETTER: Let's look at Cooma tomorrow

EDITOR: The paper "Cooma Tomorrow" adopted by the Cooma and Monaro Progress Association (CMPA), on exhibition at the Local Library since before Christmas, has attracted a number of positive comments.

This document puts forward the term "Social and Economic Development" and it defines this term as "Actions by the community, either by direct design or through its elected representatives on Shire Council, designed by direct action to promote and sustain the standard of living, general wellbeing, and economic health of Cooma and its dependent populations."

The first strategy in the paper is to "Change the demographic mix of the Region." How can this be done?

* By increasing the population of Cooma-Monaro at least 2000 people over an eight year period, especially concentrating on attracting 500 young to middle aged families to the region.

* By attracting five medium sized businesses to the region by turning Polo Flat into a far more attractive and functional environment for businesses to operate.

* By developing a locally based small business supporting and mentoring group.

Copies of "Cooma Tomorrow' has been given to all the Shire councillors together with a covering letter to the Shire General Manager.

CMPA is looking forward to their considered response.

CMPA is currently very active in doing something about the third dot point listed above, and we hope to have something more to report soon.

Dugald Mitchell OAM Chair Cooma and Monaro Progress Association

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