Kelly and Hendy pitch their case to Eden-Monaro voters

The federal election has been called for September 14 and although it's seven months away, the electors of Eden-Monaro have a keen interest in the future of their region.

To set the scene for the coming months, the Cooma-Monaro Express invited the two main contenders for the seat to put their cases and explain why voters should support them.

We asked the candidates - Labor incumbent Mike Kelly and Liberal opponent Peter Hendy - to be Eden-Monaro specific.

Dr Mike Kelly

I feel this is the most important election in my lifetime because there is so much at stake, especially for Eden-Monaro which faces a huge threat from Tony Abbott's policies. For starters, if Tony Abbott was elected we would stand to lose the NBN and all the associated health, educational, business and household benefits so critical to a region like ours. The progress we have made through our massive investment in health infrastructure would be squandered, as the Coalition turns its focus to looking after the major centres as it always has. Our National Plan for School Improvement and the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) would also be lost.

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Peter Hendy

I believe that the election on September 14 will be decided on the question of trust. People on the Monaro, like country people everywhere, put great faith in a person's word. But this Labor government has broken the trust of the voters by not keeping to its solemn promises made before the last election - its promises on the carbon tax, its promises on border security, its promises to cut taxes to business, its promises on jobs, promises to keep down the cost of living and its promises made over and over again to keep the budget in surplus.

I have been campaigning hard across the electorate ever since I was endorsed as the Liberal candidate.

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