Canadian teachers on exchange

CANADIAN exchange teachers Sheila and Adam Sillery are two new faces at Monaro High School this year. They are on an exchange from their school in Red Deer, Canada.

They will be teaching physical education (PE) at Monaro High this year and have 'swapped' their jobs and houses with Monaro High PE teachers Phil and Kari Ingram who are teaching at the Sillery's school - Hunting Hills High.

While the Sillerys have only been teaching at the school for a week they have noticed quite a few differences between their school and Monaro High. Mr Sillery said the main differences were the starting and finishing times.

"Our school year [in Canada] starts in September and finishes in June. We have two semesters with a two month break in July and August over our summer," Mr Sillery said.

"We don't have sport like Monaro High does on Wednesday," Mrs Sillery said.

"We don't have sport in Canada, not like you have here, but we have PE classes. We have more team competitions and kids only play sport if they want to.

"It is really cool the way the whole school plays sport on a Wednesday."

Hunting Hills is more than twice the size of Monaro High with 1500 students compared to Monaro High's 600 students. The town of Red Deer has about 95,000 people.

"There are six to eight months of snow in our town and our holiday break is over summer. We play ice hockey and a lot of volleyball. The girls play ringette - a modified game of ice hockey and Lacrosse is big."

While they have only been in Cooma for a couple of weeks, Mrs Sillery said they are really enjoying the town.

"Everyone is really friendly. There is tons of support and people are really nice in the town," she said.

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