Strong results for Cooma swimmers

Thirty Cooma swimmers took part in the local carnival held on Sunday. For some it was their third carnival in three days with others backing up with a carnival on Monday but still managed to perform personal best times. Some youngsters had their first carnival for the club and are looking forward to future carnivals. Noah Saddler swam three Country Championship qualifying times and will now swim in four events in Sydney.

Girl's results:

6yrs/u- Adele Lunt one gold, two silver and four Personal Bests (PBs).

8yrs/u- Ruby Barnes four PBs, Lilly Janota two gold, one silver and three PBs and Erin Trevanion two PBs.

9/10yrs- Brenna Clayton two bronze and five PBs, Ella Davis two PBs, Sophie Janota three PBs, Chelsea Lunt one silver and four PBs, Jessie Lunt three PBs, Taylah Maurier two PBs.

11/12yrs- Nikki Harmer one silver, one bronze and three PBs, Rachel Hunt one bronze and three PBs, Molly Janota one gold, one silver, one bronze and five PBs, Kadee Laird five PBs, Jasmin Statham one bronze four PBs and Chloe Trevanion one PB.

13/o- Maai Johnson two gold, three silver and five PBs and Katelyn Patricks one gold, two silver, four bronze and two PBs.

Boys' results:

6yrs/u- Callum Davis two silver, one bronze and two PBs.

8yrs/u- Liam Davis one gold, two bronze and Jackson Walsh three gold, one bronze and three PBs.

9/10yrs- Ryan Harmer two silver and four PBs, Hudson Laird five PBs, Noah Saddler four gold, three silver and six PBs and Bailee Walsh three PBs.

11/12yrs- Will Saddler one gold, three silver, two bronze and one PB.

13/o- Josh Alford four gold and one PB, Jack Clayton one gold, one silver, two bronze and three PBs, Ethan Hunt one gold, one bronze and three PBs and Jarrod Sopniewski five gold, four silver and one PB.

District Championships

Cooma swimmers travelled to Ulladulla last week for the District Championships and the Speedo Sprint heats. Nikki and Ryan Harmer took part in both events with Josh Alford joining them for the Championships. Ryan earned a spot in the finals of the sprints which are to be held in Sydney when he finished fourth in the 9 years boys 50m breaststroke.

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Ryan swam personal best times in 50m backstroke, butterfly, freestyle, and 50m and 100m breaststroke. Nikki, who has been hampered by injuries this season, performed strongly recording a PB in the 12 years girls 50m backstroke. Josh took part in both Multi-Class and Mainstream events breaking the 50m Multi-Class championship records in all four strokes and collecting four gold medals. In the mainstream events he swam PBs in the 100m and 200m freestyle .

Time Trial results week 11

C Grade backstroke progress to B Grade Braith Fitzgerald. Most improved Ruby Barnes (5secs). Improved Adele Lunt. B Grade backstroke progress to A Grade Kadee Laird. Most improved Taylah Maurier (4secs). Improved Anna Brayshaw, Amy Hobbs, Jessie Lunt, Ethan and Rachel Hunt. A Grade backstroke most improved Daniel Hopkin and Nikki Harmer (5secs). Improved Maai Johnson, Charlie Allen, Noah Saddler, Molly Janota, Chelsea Lunt and Chloe Trevanion. C Grade butterfly most improved Jessie Lunt (3secs). B Grade butterfly progress to A Grade Molly Janota. Most improved Jackson Walsh (11secs). Improved Darcy Barnes, Charlie Allen, Chelsea Lunt, Matthew Hopkin, Liam Davis, Abigail Sopniewski and Taylah Maurier. A Grade butterfly most improved Daniel Hopkin (5secs). Improved Will Saddler. C Grade freestyle progress to B Grade Ruby Barnes. Most improved Adele Lunt (5secs). B Grade freestyle most improved Hudson Laird (2secs). Improved Belle Adams, Ethan and Rachel Hunt. A Grade freestyle most improved Ben Trotter (4secs).

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