Determination and persistence reap rewards for Tim

AT just 15-years-old, Cooma's Timothy Anderson has achieved one of the highest grades in Karate- the black belt.

Currently in year 10 at Monaro High School, he is one of the only people in Cooma to have attained their black belt.

Anderson started Karate with Go Kan Ryu (GKR) in 2005 when he was seven-years-old.

He has come a long way since then, when he was lively and could barely stand still. He persisted, and with support from his Sensei, has been training ever since and achieved great results.

He is now a member of the GKR National Squad Team, been part of the ACT State Team for four years and competed in many tournaments. He has numerous State Titles under his belt and multiple National titles.

On the weekend he endured a gruelling four hours Black Belt grading in the northern suburbs of Sydney with 75 other students.

The grading consisted of strikes, blocks, stances, kicks and combinations.

This was repeated a number of times. They moved on to Kata which involved undertaking a pattern of specific moves. Anderson has to perform eight different Kata in front of all the Regional Managers and Zone Directors. This was followed from by Kumite, or sparring.

Upon receiving his Black Belt he said to the Sensei, 'For me it was never about the belt, it's about the Karate, and I love Karate," he said.

Anderson also said he is looking forward to using his experiences in his Karate journey to help other students.

"The highs and lows of my journey have made me stronger," he said.

The Black Belt has not come easily for Anderson. It is the reward of dedication to training, determination and persistence, for seven years.

Anderson currently trains, Monday and Wednesday in Cooma, Thursday and Sunday in Canberra.

He is also the Sempai of the Cooma North Dojo on a Monday nights.

Anderson is now focusing on the World Cup in Sydney 2013 in July, where he will join the best of the best in the Junior Open Black Belt division.

His Karate journey is far from over, he is now working towards his Shodan (1st Dan) and will continue to train in Canberra, and Cooma.

Anderson thanked Sensei Cath Young, Sensei Paul Nesbitt, Sensei Tim Lawler, Sensei Greg Olsen, Sensei Steve Parr, Sensei Andrew Gibson, and Sensei Tim Kimbell.

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