Partygoers trash Cooma's pristine bushland areas

Mount Gladstone was the scenic location for an outdoor party with revellers no doubt enjoying getting out in the bush and having a campfire and a few beers overlooking Cooma.

No harm in that, unless you've dragged the whole living room up there and left it behind for someone else to pick up after the fun was over.

The irresponsible party goers obviously enjoyed themselves, judging by the number of bottles left behind, not to mention a sofa, pool table and chairs.

After a member of the public made the Express aware of the rubbish dumped in the Mount Gladstone area, Cooma-Shire Council immediately acted when they saw the story in the paper.

It took seven council workers over an hour to pick up rubbish from a number of sites near the many fire trails in the Mount Gladstone area on Tuesday.

Cooma-Monaro Shire Council's waste advisory officer Jeff Tate said they had to do a risk assessment for dangerous materials and habitat before removing the rubbish.

He said he couldn't understand why people would drive all the way to Mount Gladstone, some five kilometres out of town, to dump waste that could be left at the Cooma landfill, much of it for free.

"We've seen a big pile of lawn clippings dumped here, it doesn't make sense when all green waste costs nothing to leave at the landfill," Mr Tate said.

After picking up after the party goers, the council workers drove along a number of fire trails in the Mount Gladstone area collecting nearly a tonne of rubbish at a number of sites

Cooma Landfill supervisor Doug Snowden said he thought it was senseless, besides having an impact on the environment.

"It costs ratepayers money that could be spent on other things," Mr Snowden said.

"Cooma is the cheapest landfill in the area and people can get paid for some of this stuff.

Council picked up leftovers from a garage sale - complete with price stickers, car tyres that appear to have come from a commercial operator, piles of old mattresses, an old roof rack, wood and clothing.

Mr Tate said last week council collected more than 200 kilos of undelivered pamphlets and junk mail dumped in town.

"It was all fully recyclable and would not have incurred a charge at the landfill," Mr Tate said.

"Three weeks ago we picked up six tonnes of illegal building material dumped at Michelago.

Mr Tate urged Cooma residents to report any illegal dumping to council on 64551777 and it would be attended to immediately.

"If there is illegal dumping let us know.

"People should remember that many household items such as furniture and crockery can be taken free of charge to the second hand buy back shop - ScrapMart at Cooma Landfill."

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