LETTER: Kelly was right, but... 

EDITOR: Mike Kelly was right to argue the case for the carbon tax (Carbon tax - Kelly argues his case, Opinion, Express, July 17). While not disagreeing with Kelly, nevertheless, he and his Government should be placing far more emphasis on the urgency of climate change rather than explaining how the tax will work.

We are already seeing far more extreme weather events than normal worldwide which scientists have warned us will be but one consequence of climate change.

There have been record-breaking temperatures right across the US, a very wet summer in England and even a tornado in Poland.

The Arctic lost a record amount of seaice in June, an area the size of Alaska, California, Florida, and Texas combined. Even if climate change did not cause this loss, it will certainly add to global warming through a reduction in reflectivity of solar radiation back into space.

There is almost no argument in the scientific community any more that climate change is real, that it is happening and that we have to have a global peak in emissions within five years if we are to avoid runaway climate change. We have had 0.8 degrees centigrade warming already yet we should not really go above 1.5 degrees.

We are on track, however, for three or even four degrees which will be devastating to plant and animal life, and render much of Australia unfit for agriculture. Perhaps Kelly could thus justify his government’s plans to export vast amounts of coal, the emissions from which will be 11 times that saved by having a carbon tax. Climate change is a global problem - exporting emissions to this degree is an absolute travesty.

Jenny Goldie, President Climate Action Monaro Michelago

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