LETTER: Flintstone on bedrock 

EDITOR: I’m thinking of changing my name to Wilma Flinstone. They live in Bedrock, and I have to drive on bedrock. A local says it’s the worst the Jerangle - Bredbo road has been in 50 years.

I thought the worst section was going to be graded when the grader was left for four weeks in a neighbour’s paddock. Turns out the council had sent all grader drivers on leave at the same time. There’s not a lot of money apparently, so surely it becomes important to correctly manage what money you have. That’s mismanagement.

The roads are so bad that after I drove my newborn (Pebbles) home I was worried he was going to be assessed by the nurse as having endured Shaken Baby Syndrome. These roads are terrible. On Tuesday I overtook a woman “driving to the conditions of the road.” She was leaving early to get to an appointment in Cooma on time - the appointment was on Thursday.

I have to drive on the incorrect side of the road on many sections (including blind corners), otherwise I’d bottom out my car. They tell me it’s better to seal a road when it’s down to bedrock. So maybe there’s hope for us yet.

Kimberley Rowlands, Aka Wilma Flinstone, Jerangle

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