Broadband brainstorm

''What would Kerry Packer do?''

That's one of a series of ''provocative'' questions being asked of public servants nationwide at a series of workshops aimed at ''harvesting ideas'' about how to get the best out of the national broadband network.

Others ask what Apple would do, what Cate Blanchett would do and what approach they would adopt if they were part of the AFL.

The glossy 144-page ''practical guide for government agencies'' includes an ''ideas generation tree'' and ''idea prioritisation matrix'' for helping public servants work out which parts of their jobs could be better done using the NBN.

The first step is a three-hour workshop for each department, including games such as ''buzzword beach ball'', in which public servants stand in a circle and throw around an inflatable beach ball shouting out a piece of jargon. The aim is to ''bond over a shared hatred of corporate jargon''.

Ideas developed in the sessions will be tested by a four-box matrix that will ask who they will help, how they will help, what they will cost, and what risks they will possibly run.

The story Broadband brainstorm first appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald.

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