Warmest spring on record

JUST AS the Senate debates the repeal of the carbon tax, Australia has had its warmest spring on record.

Climate Action Monaro said the fact that Australia has just had its warmest spring ever should be a wake-up call to the Senate.

Climate Action Monaro president, Jenny Goldie, said this is not just a one-off record but part of a trend of general warming.

"We're on track to have the warmest year on average since temperatures to the end of November have been 1.23oC above average," Ms Goldie said.

"Westerly winds through spring have been responsible for the higher temperatures, and following a warm winter, soil moisture was down. Higher temperatures causing early flowering combined with late frosts have led to widespread crop losses.

"Farmers on the Monaro are going to have to adapt somehow to these changing conditions as well as expect the higher likelihood of fire."

Ms Goldie said the Senate should take these factors into account when considering the repeal of the carbon tax legislation.

"What we want are strong measures to mitigate climate change, not the repeal of legislation that had been responsible for removing 12 million tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere.

"Meanwhile China's largest province, Guangdong, with a population of more than 100 million, will cap greenhouse gas emissions and issue carbon permits to big polluters from next week. Beijing and Shanghai have already announced they will introduce an emissions trading scheme.

"China is clearly accepting the reality of climate change and moving forward, at the very time the Australian government is hell-bent on going backwards," says Ms Goldie.

According to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, the spring of 2013 has been Australia's warmest on record.

Mean temperatures for the season were 1.57oC above the 1961-1990 average.

In September, mean temperatures were 2.75oC above normal, setting a new monthly record by more than a degree.

October was 1.43oC above average and November 0.52oC above.

Further information call Jenny Goldie 0401 921 453.

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