Marsicano, Caldwell and Schroeder win district triples

Cooma Bowling Club was the venue for the playing of the District Triples with four matches Saturday morning and three after lunch which advanced it to the semi-finals played Sunday morning and final in the afternoon.

Sergio Roncelli, Tony Gray and Guilio D'Amico ran into a red hot team in Steve Seears, Wayne Lodge and Mel Storta. The latter team ran out to a 21-13 lead and although Guilio's team won five ends in a row to trail 20-21 with three ends to play they were unable to keep up the good work went down 30-20. Steve Lapham, Richard Nichols and John Schoon had a real battle with Mario Frezza, Ignazio Mondello and Terry Croker to lead 12-10 on end 13 but then had to stand aside and watch their opponents win end after end and run out winners 29-18.

Col Batten, Bernie Stove and Eric Corby were early leaders against Ron Wainwright, Colin Peuker and Denis Steinfort with the score in their favour 15-11 on end 20. Denis and Co brought the scores level 18 all with an extra end necessary to decide the match. Four shots for Denis and Co on this gave them victory 22-18. In the final match for Saturday morning, the three Peters, Marsicano, Caldwell and Schroeder were kept honest for the early ends by Vic Weston, Greg Griffen and Tony Butler with the latter holding a slender 8-7 lead after nine ends. From that point the three Peters dominated and ran out winners 30-13.

In Saturday afternoon matches the morning winners were pitted against teams that had previously had a bye with the three Peters being pushed in the early ends against Denis Steinfort's team but eventually going on to win a place in the semi-final 34-26. John Ruzic, Tony Sutton and Steve Harrison set up a very handy 15-9 lead over Mat Brown, Dave McDonald and Mat Griffith and kept in touch till end 22 but were unable to score again and went down 24-31. The match between Keith Maynard, Brenden Skelly and David Turner v Mario Frezza, Ignazio Mondello and Terry Croker started as many others on the day with both teams playing consistent bowls for the scores to be 10 all on end 11.

At that point David's team played the best draw bowls and kept their opposition on 11 shots for seven ends. Five shots to Terry on end 19 put them back in contention, trailing 16-20 but were unable to take advantage for David's team to advance to the semi-final 27-17.

The semi-finals played on Sunday morning saw Steve Seears, W. Lodge and Mel Storta against Keith Maynard, Brenden Skelly and David Turner with the former team setting up a good 15-11 lead and then keeping David's team on 11 for six ends before going on to win 24-16.

Peter Marsicano, Peter Caldwell and Peter Schroeder (the three Petes), were kept honest for 13 ends with the score 14-12 in the Peters' favour, in their match with Mat Brown, Dave McDonald and Mat Griffiths. Five shots to the Peters on end 14 gave them the boost they needed and went on to win 31-21, to meet Seears, Lodge and Storta in the afternoon final.

In front of an appreciative audience, Steve Seears, Mel Storta, and Wayne Lodge took to the green to battle with Peter Marsicano, Peter Caldwell and Peter Schroeder with the former team having the better of the scoring in the early stages, with Wayne's boys leading 11-8 on end 14. The Peters then took control and kept their opponents on 11 for eight ends and themselves put on 13 shots to lead 21-11 on end 21. Six shots to Wayne, Mel and Steve put them right back in the game needing five shots over the remaining three ends to win. Unfortunately for them, the Peters scored three shots to run out winners and champions for 2014 24-17. Congratulations to the winners.

Last Wednesday January 13 Ron Wainwright and Denis Steinfort played their match in the club's major singles with many thanks to Bob Douglas for acting as marker. Ron Scored four shots on the first end and went on with the job to lead 29-4 after just 15 ends and did not let up to win 32-8 after only 20 ends. In a second major singles match played on Sunday, Terry Croker was in equally devastating form against Nelson Wallace when he established a 23-2 lead over Nelson and went on to win 31-16.

Only two social games over the weekend, both on Sunday. Keith Goodwin, Daphne Buckley and Mark Buckley made a good start against Judy McDonald, Don Jarvis and Jack Sajina when they lead 17-7 on end 13 and came home strongly to win 25-15. Mick Faulkener, Mario Frezza and Paul Cannell were early leaders in their match with Ken Rees, Richard Nichols and Kim Weston, but then faltered to allow their opponents to outscore them to win 17-13.

Brian Seears and Paul Schulz were in top form for their match with Tony Brooks and Colin Roberson last Saturday and were untroubled to win 25-11.

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