Wild dog caught on Southern Monaro

Local farmer Ellen Green was delighted at the quick action of trapper Mick Davis when she called him about a wild dog she had seen on her Bemboka sheep and cattle property.

Mrs Green, who was until recently the South East Livestock and Health and Pest Authority (SELHPA) chair spotted the yellow dog near her house on Sunday, December 8, last year, and believes the scent of her Kelpie bitch which was in season drew the dog out of the park.

Mrs Green said she called LHPA trapper Mick Davis straight away.

"The dog was a juvenile male, proably about three-years-old," Mrs Green said.

"We laid some baits while waiting for the next sighting.

"Mick came back and shot the dog who was howling for the bitch to follow him.

"We have the best wild dog program - plan in Australia, and that I could call a trapper and know he can come is just great.

"We need more trappers."

Wild dogs have killed about 2,000 sheep on Ellen and Bill Greens property since the 1985 fires there.

Mrs Green and her husband Bill run sheep and cattle on their 1200 acre property at Bemboka, which is about three kilometres from the Wadbilliga National Park.

Mrs Green knows a thing or two about the wild dog issues, and not just from her experience as a sheep farmer.

She chairs the Australian Wool Innovation Wild Dog Committee and the National Wild Dog Advisory Group for CRC, and until January 14, was chair of the SELHPA board.

She said the trapper got about 13 dogs on their property over the years, but the predation took its toll and they destocked.

"We put sheep back on the property but have noticed lambs and old ewes have been attacked again over the last 18 months - in patches," she said.

Mrs Green attended the second wild dog meeting in Dalgety on December 13 last year and said the new five-year Co-operative Wild Dog and Fox plan was ready to be signed off, but there were concerns about the future of wild dog control under the new LLS structure.

She chairs the Australian Wool Innovation Wild Dog Committee and the National Wild Dog Advisory Group for CRC.

"South East National Parks and Wildlife Services (NPWS) regional manager Tim Shepherd has done a wonderful job," Mrs Green said.

NPWS Snowy River Area manager Pam O'Brien, who was also at the Dalgety meeting, said many animals including dingoes, wild dogs, and sheep have been breeding up in the Snowy-Monaro region as conditions have been favourable for some years now.

"To be a good neighbour, NPWS works with adjoining landholders to help control wild dogs on the perimeters of national parks," Ms O'Brien said.

"Staff and landowners are currently involved in a stake-out operation in paddocks where the problem dog has recently been killing sheep.

"Shooters will take turns camping in the paddock over coming weeks with a rifle fitted with an infrared scope to try and shoot the dog when it returns to the paddock."

Ms O'Brien said the problem dog is a black dog that has been in the area for some time and has been spotted travelling at times with a female and pups.

Ms O'Brien said the pups have all been trapped and it now appears to be travelling at times with the female, which is common behaviour for wild dogs.

"Mr Miners' and Mr Brewis' losses are consistent with reports during December in the Paupong/Numbla Vale area," Ms O'Brien said.

Numbla Vale farmer Garry Miners said eight sheep have been killed on his property over the Christmas period and Bill Brewis has lost three sheep.

At the meeting, National Parks were going to get a telescopic night vision scope to try and shoot the dog.

Snowy River Shire Council mayor and Numbla Vale farmer, John Cahill said he had spoken to the Member for Monaro John Barilaro late last year about the wild dog problem in the Dalgety / Numbla Vale area.

"I thought he had a very good attidude to it," Cr Cahill said.

"He said it needed a proactive not a reactive approach.

"That's the key. He wanted to see all measures taken to prevent attacks."

There have also been reports of recent wild dog attacks along the Thredbo Road.

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