Now's your chance to recycle that old computer

Electronic Waste, or 'E-waste', is growing three times faster than any other type of waste in Australia and up until recently only about 17 per cent of it was being recycled.

Thanks to the new National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme, residents and small businesses can now recycle their unwanted TVs, computers and computer parts for free.

Cooma-Monaro Shire Council is holding a free e-waste collection day this Saturday at the Cooma landfill between 1pm and 5pm.

Residents are encouraged to take along any old computers, computer parts, keyboards, laptops or TV screens for them to be recycled.

There are some items that aren't accepted such as DVD and video players, mobile phones, game consoles, radios, steroeos and set top boxes.

Council has hosted free e-waste collection days in the last few years and has collected about 32 tonnes of material.

The waste is transported by logistics company, DHL, to the e-waste recycling facility Aspitech in South Australia

Electronic equipment is dismantled and sorted into their different material categories (metal, glass, printed circuit boards and plastic).

This is then shipped to environmentally responsible processors that Aspitech have assessed to provide the best environmental outcome.

Aspitech can recover more than 95 per cent of usable materials diverting it from landfill.

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