Smoke blankets the Monaro

THICK smoke from the Victorian fires has blanketed the Monaro all the way to Canberra causing concern for many locals.

Cooma Rural Fire Service (RFS) Community Liaison officer Fred Nichols said there has been a lot of triple 0 calls about the smoke.

"There was a lot of concern from the Jindabyne area following the southerly change that came through last night (Sunday)," Mr Nichols said.

"There was a lot of really really thick smoke in the Jindabyne and surrounding areas from the Victorian fires, and coming up the Snowy River."

"We will be getting a lot of smoke coming through from the Victorian fires for the next week, and people need to be aware of it."

He said there has been no spotting over or ember attack from the Victorian fires which are about eight to 10 kilometres on the Victorian side of the border.

"We have all the brigades on standby in the Bombala Shire and all are ready to go," Mr Nichols said.

The RFS were inspecting fire trails in preparation and National Parks and Wildlife Service personnel were also in the area.

Meanwhile closer to Cooma, RFS crews are patrolling, mopping up and 'blacking out' the Murrumbucca fire at Shannons Flat and Bililingara Road, which started on January 31.

Mr Nichols said a helicopter is on standby and three heavy plant bulldozers are working on the perimeter of the fire which has been contained.

"Strike teams have been stood down over the weekend and fixed wing aircraft and helicopters have gone to the Victorian fires," Mr Nichols said.

The Murrumbucca fire has burnt 2112 hectares of bushland on private property since it started 12 days ago.

A number of roads have been closed due to thick smoke and Mr Nichols advised that residents can check local road closures at .

"The local area will continue to experience hot temperatures this week and residents are reminded to prepare their Bush Fire Survival Plan and discuss the plan with their family," Mr Nichols said.

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