Torah all smiles despite seventh place

Australian Snowboard Champion, Cooma's Torah Bright, finished seventh in Slopestyle at the Sochi Olympic Winter Games on Sunday.

Not able to land her Cab 9 trick cleanly in both runs, ruined the 27-year-old's hopes of a podium finish in a super-hot field.

"I was really quite pumped to come out and have another little trick in the bag," she said of her new move, that she couldn't quite pull off.

"That last one, I was like 'yeah, I got it', but then I... that just happens sometimes."

The winner was four-time X Games champion Jamie Anderson (USA) with a huge score of 95.25 from her second run. Enni Rukajarvi of Finland moved from fourth to second (92.50) with her last attempt and Great Britain won its first medal on snow at any Winter Olympics with Jenny Jones's run of 87.25.

Bright's rail displays were clean and impressive but when she touched her hands down on her first big jumps in both runs she lost valuable points and speed for her remaining two big tricks.

Bright was sitting sixth after a first run score of 64.75. In qualification on Thursday she cruised to a score of 85.25 but couldn't reproduce on Sunday.

As always though, the Australian was all smiles and congratulated her competitors, including Anderson, at the bottom of the course.

"She's one of the best riders in the world and I want to see the best do their best and win.

"I think that was a wonderful representation of female snowboarding today and I'm proud to be a part of it," she said, but lamented the fact that Slopestyle is a judged sport.

"It's just really sad that Sina Candrian (SUI) wasn't on the podium. She made history today by doing a women's frontside 1080 - first time ever in contest."

Bright now turns to the Halfpipe. She is aiming to defend her Halfpipe crown on Wednesday.

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