Sam's place is open for business

The retail experience in Cooma's main streets might be looking a bit depleted these days but that doesn't mean it's all gloom and doom. Far from it, in fact.

But it's a bit dispiriting for local retailers fighting and surviving when they hear they've been written off, doomed to failure by a dose of Cooma-rumour.

It's happened to Sam Hutchinson, proprietor of Pages of Life bookshop in Sharp Street.

She heard - accidentally - of gossip that had her closing the bookshop down by the end of March.

Concerned that Cooma-rumour was taking on a life of its own, she tracked down a gossiper, confronted her and asked her to stop.

"Who me?" was the pained reply.

But Ms Hutchinson is worried that with empty shops becoming a talking point, these kinds of rumours can cause damage to reputable, well run, strong businesses.

"I'm here for quite a while yet," she said this week.

"I'm open for business and I'm staying that way."

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