Bredbo author launches her latest book

AUTHOR KL (Karen) Clark of Bredbo has launched her latest book, Haine and the Hunter, at Cooma's Dorothy Dickens Books and Music shop.

It's a book about a selkie, which are an important part of Scottish and Scandinavian folklore and myth.

According to Ms Clark, they are seal people who need the men and women who live near the sea to give them children.

Every selkie story tells of a deep love between a selkie and her landman, and a world of grief for both of them when they must part.

"And they always part, so I started to wonder what it would be like for a selkie who finds herself with the wrong man, one who steals her skin for the wrong reasons," Ms Clark said.

"This idea niggled and nagged away at me for months until I sat down and started to write."

It can be hard work being a writer and it requires considerable dedication.

Ms Clark said she took a chance when she and her husband Martin moved to Bredbo.

"I'd spent so much of my life doing the right thing - earning a living, bringing up children - and I thought it was time I got serious about writing. A kind of 'now or never' thing," she said.

"I've been writing - scribbling really - since I was a child and thought I really couldn't go on pretending to myself I was a writer if I wasn't going to do something about it."

Haine and the Hunter is her third book and she is currently working on two others.

"I always have several things on the go at the same time," Ms Clark said.

"I'll drag a folder down from the shelf and work on a project for a bit, then put it away and work on something else.

"I need to give my work time to sit and stew. Typing the last word of the first draft is just the start of a much longer process of re-writes and edits."

Ms Clark's books are available in paperback from and for Kindle through Amazon.

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