LETTER: Is the sky falling in - NO

EDITOR: The sky is falling! The sky is falling! No, the sky is not falling and Cooma is not turning into struggle town.

I would like to endorse David Shelley's comments (Express March 18) concerning the negative stories doing the rounds, based on the number of empty shops in town.

Businesses open and businesses close. Some businesses might close sooner than expected for any number of reasons while others have been operating successfully for more than 20 years. In these instances, the proprietors have decided to call it a day for personal and family reasons, after providing a fantastic service to the community.

Anecdotal evidence indicates there are people who seem to delight in spreading rumours about businesses closing their doors. Just this morning, I was speaking to a local man who had just been advised his wife's shop was shutting.

As he said, it's wrong on several levels - his wife's business is doing very well, thank you, and it's also wrong that people can spread damaging stories that seem to gain traction so quickly.

I have lived in Cooma for more than 30 years and, during this time, it has always been a busy and successful centre. Unlike many rural towns, we have never lost services such as banking institutions - and we have many long-standing successful and thriving businesses.

When the town has lost services, it has generally been at the hands of federal and state governments - invariably cutting jobs to provide a better service!!

Please don't talk down Cooma - it's a great place.

And let's get behind the efforts of council and the chamber of commerce in their efforts to build an even stronger town.

Lee Evans


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