Locals accelerate in Hill Climb event

LOCAL drivers shined in the second Mount Gladstone Hill Climb hosted by the Cooma Car Club on Sunday.

Despite the drizzle and threatening weather, organisers say the event was a success.

Compared to the first running of the Hill climb in November last year, this meet included additional local district drivers and they were more successful.

Times were generally faster too, even though the track was initially damp and the day was colder.

It seems like the drivers are getting to terms with Cooma's "hill". Trophies were awarded to class winners where there were two or more entries and for fastest time of the day. The winners were:

-Type 1-2 (standard 2WD production - with limited modifications), 0-1600cc Tom Ballard, Mazda MX5. Fastest time 49.91s

-Type 1-2, 1600-2000cc Maurice Henkel, Alfa Romeo GTV. Fastest time 49.16s

-Type 1-2, 2000-3000cc Julian Besestri, Fiat 500 Abarth. Fastest time 47.58s

-Type 3 (further modifications allowed), 1600-2000cc Bryan Fitzpatrick, Renault Clio. Fastest time 45.58s

-Type 3, over 3000cc Brett Wright, Holden Monaro. Fastest time 46.62s. This was the most popular class with 5 entrants and was very closely contested. The time difference between the fastest and the slowest was only 2.42s.

-Type 3 AWD, over 3000cc Warrick Cuthbert, Nissan Skyline. Fastest time (and fastest time of the day) 42.86s

Organisers made special mention of Gareth Rees, who, in a very standard looking 2WD Toyota Hilux Ute stormed up the hill in a best time of 50.75s and finished second in Type 1-2, 2000-3000cc. A second special mention went to Rob Bogatek who drove the Snowliner courtesy bus all day, did the most runs of any driver and did not hit the chicane witches hats once.

The next Mount Gladstone Hill Climb event will be held on Sunday May 18.

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