Hydraulinks squash opponents to claim victory in finals


The semi-finals and finals were played last week with the finals being played last Thursday.

Hydraulinks had led the comp all the way through and finished up the winners although Cooma Trophy and Gifts made them work for it on the night.

No. 1's Peter Luk and Chris Tame had a long match that went to five games. Peter won the first 9-3, but Chris dug his heels in and the next two 9-3 and 9-7.

Not to be outdone Peter went all out for the next two games and took them 9-3 and 9-1.

No 2's the Corbys were at it again.

Alex pressured Ian in the first game and only lost out 10-9 but Ian proved too good in the next two and won 9-2 and 9-5.

Karyn Sutton was standing in for Lachlan Sturgeon and gave young Alex Childs a bit of a push along in the first game, winning 10-9.

But Alex regained his composure and easily won the next three games 9-1,9-1 and 9-5.

This left Brad Constance to carry the flag for his team when he played Sarah Wolf. He won the first game but dropped his guard and saw Sarah take out the second.

He took a deep breath and ran Sarah around the court to take the final two games, which meant his team took out the grand final.

In the third vs fourth team matches the stand-out game was between Anika Jones and Sarah Hamilton (who took out the best B2 for the comp).

Anika doggedly refused to give up and ended up defeating Sarah in 5. Well done.

Individual grade winners were: B1 - Peter Luk; B2 - Sarah Hamilton; B3 - Jason Harris and B4 Sam Sergo.

It was great to see the number of young players joining in and enjoying the comp - after all without the youngsters coming along there would be no future for squash. See you next comp.

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