Students get revved up

HIGH school students in Cooma are currently participating in a variety of programs with Fair Trading this week.

Fair Trading run free information sessions to provide business owners, consumers and students with the opportunity to learn about their rights and responsibilities.

More than 20,000 people across the state attend 'My Place' seminars each year.

On Tuesday, students from St Patrick's Parish learnt about the basics of buying their first car in the presentation 'Revved Up'.

"The purchase of a first car can be a defining moment in the journey into adulthood," Stuart Ayres, Minister for Fair Trading, said.

"But as first time car buyers, young people can often be seen as prime targets for rip-off merchants. 'Revved Up' gives great advice on how to avoid unpleasant surprises when buying a car and how Fair Trading can help if things do go wrong."

The presentation was run by Community Liaison Coordinator Charles Gibson and two Dispute Resolution Officers, Tina Thiele and Naomi Urbiztondo from Fair Trading.

Topics discussed were financial costs, insurance and where to buy a car from.

Q: We asked students what they learnt from the Fair Trading presentation and what they will look out for when buying their first car?

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