The mystery behind crop circles

Megan Heazlewood in a crop circle in the UK in 2006.

Megan Heazlewood in a crop circle in the UK in 2006.

INDEPENDENT researcher of the Global Crop Circle phenomenon, Megan Heazlewood will be holding a 'Crop Circle' presentation at Monaro High this Sunday.

Ms Heazlewood investigated the 'crop circle' that appeared on a farm south of Boorowa in 2012 and is excited to discuss the phenomenon with the community of Cooma.

On first hearing about crop circles Ms Heazlewood said she was skeptical and she said she understands people's incredulity when it comes to some of the aspects to the phenomenon.

"There is much information which confronts the rational mind but there is much to be gained from following the evidence, and this is what scientific process is all about," she said.

Ms Heazlewood travelled to the UK on two consecutive years to experience the phenomenon first hand, saying what she experienced and filmed there has changed her life profoundly.

Over recent years, Ms Heazlewood has developed a working relationship with the BLT Research Team based in Cambridge USA. For more information visit

Topics that will be covered in Sunday's presentation include; Boorowa crop circle investigation, what crop circles are, the history of the phenomenon, science on plants and soil, what researchers contribute to our understanding, ancient cosmologies and symbols, if we are alone in the universe and hoaxing and the media.

Ms Heazlewood will also be discussing her own personal experience from her time in the UK.

She is encouraging people to head along this Sunday, hear something new and make up their own mind.

The event will be held at Monaro High School on Sunday, June 15 from 1pm to 5.30pm. Entry is $20. Please bring a notepad and a cushion.

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