Snowfalls bring sigh of relief

THERE was a sigh of relief for many locals with powder finally falling on the slopes after a bare start to the season.

Owner of Rhythm Snowsports in Cooma, Mick Klima, said he was slightly concerned about the lack of snowfall at the start of the season.

"Well it's great that we have snow falling now, I'd be pretty concerned if we didn't get any snow, it would be disastrous," Mr Klima said.

With the latest snowfall being described as a 'mega-blizzard', the fields and ski shops are preparing for a flood of families during the school holidays.

"It's going to be a massive school holidays I think," Mr Klima said.

"We've got staff training on with all the companies and reps, making sure all the staff are getting tweaked up for the next two months."

This photo was sent in by a reader from their property near Adaminaby.

This photo was sent in by a reader from their property near Adaminaby.

The recent snow report from Perisher Valley has estimated 120 cm of snow in the past couple of days, with more expected over the weekend.

"If we can get a metre of snow at the end of June, like we have, then it sets everything up for the rest of the year and people get confident to come down and ski," Mr Klima explained.

"I think you have to give it to the resorts for still having faith in the industry and how they're trying to do everything to make it work. They have this enthusiasm that becomes infectious, so then we in the shop put faith into it and our enthusiasm gets passed onto the customers and the excitement just grows and grows. They keep the energy alive and that I think is awesome."

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