Galah deaths spark outrage


THERE has been an outpouring of emotion following an alleged incident involving the hit and run of a flock of galahs along Yareen Road in Cooma late Sunday afternoon.

It is alleged a male driver of a four-wheel-drive deliberately swerved at a flock of galahs, killing 17 and leaving two badly injured before speeding away from the scene.

Residents of Yareen Road took to social media on Sunday night to express their frustrations with the perpetrator, astonished at the cruelty of the incident.

Luke Tozer from Cooma Pet Shop says he has seen galahs on the side of the road for many years with only a few being accidentally hit in this time.

"For 20 years I' ve seen the galahs there [Yarren Rd], very few have been hit," Mr Tozer said.

"Someone has gone out of their way to hit them."

Mr Tozer also believes he saw the alleged vehicle being driven recklessly through Polo Flat.

"At the time I didn't realise this may have been the vehicle."

"I found out a description later on and it matches the vehicle I saw around Polo Flat."

The incident sparked a wave of anger on Facebook, as people vented their dismay at the alleged killing of the native Australian birds.

Cooma Police were unable to provide any further information into the incident, however a person who wished not to be named, says the alleged suspect has been identified.

The matter is now in the hands of the RSPCA who will continue investigations into the death of the galahs.

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