Doctor turned author launches first book

Marie Cox, Dr Robert Wiles and Dr David Learoyd at the book launch on Thursday.

Marie Cox, Dr Robert Wiles and Dr David Learoyd at the book launch on Thursday.

COOMA doctor turned author Robert Wiles has spent the last eight years on a journey of self-discovery, exploring his understanding of the world we live in. On Thursday, July 31, Dr Wiles launched his book 'The Information Paradox' to a large gathering at Cooma Library, presenting his unique perspective of an information model of the universe.

Nearly a decade worth of writing and research was unveiled to those on hand who heard the the doctor explain his ground-breaking research into the information contained in living organism, the biosphere.

Dr Wiles described the book as a personal journey of enlightenment and encouraged anyone interested in the science and philosophy underpinning the creation of life to give the book a read.

"Writing the book has been a long and fascinating journey. At the moment we have little written material on the 'information age' we live in," Dr Wiles said.

"I hope it will help people look at life. Information is all round us and needs to be explained where it comes from."

Approaching nearly 24 years as doctor in Cooma, Dr Wiles' book brings a new school of thought in understanding the role Christian theology and Darwinian theory has played in the formation of the universe.

Colleague and long-time friend Dr David Learoyd kept the masses entertained providing a humourous prelude to Dr Wiles' speech. Dr Learoyd describe his friend as an ideas man with a passion for knowledge.

"A key to the book is Robert's thirst for wisdom, he really loves information and knowledge," Dr Learoyd said.

While many might think the release of the book is the finish of Dr Wiles' exploration into life and the information contained in it, the doctor says it is only the start.

"We've now reached the starting line after eight years."

The 'Information Paradox' can be purchased online and as an ebook from

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