Monaro High conquers the City2Surf

Monaro High School teachers and students ready to tackle the City2Surf.

Monaro High School teachers and students ready to tackle the City2Surf.

TWENTY-four students, teachers and parents from Monaro High School took to Sydney on the weekend to conquer the 14km City2Surf. It was the third time in recent years that a team from MHS had attempted the race and the students and teachers were keen to achieve personal best times, as well as competing amongst themselves for bragging rights. The students had trained every Wednesday during Term 2 sport and, having only ran 10km in their training, were excited for the challenge that 14km had to offer.

The Monaro High School record of 1:09, set by Matt Bruce in 2012 was broken spectacularly by Year 11's Jarrod Sopniewski with 1:02:28, while Year 10's Bailey Burke was not far behind with 1:03:41. The fastest girl on the day was Tammy Povey, with Rhani Taylor hot on her tail.

The students all represented the school proudly and were credits to their town, their families and their school. Thank you to Mr Richard Lyons and Miss Anna Steel for their efforts training the students and for travelling with them; and to Miss Jena Shaw and Mr Craig Williams for driving the bus and tackling the race with the team.

Individual results:

Jarrod Sopniewski 1:02:28

Bailey Burke 1:03:41

Matt Buchanan 1:12:28

Toby Williams 1:15:21

Nicholas McArthur 1:15:25

Richard Lyons 1:18:41

Tammy Povey 1:19:37

Dane Freimanis 1:21:17

Jerod Blyton 1:21:25

Charlie Allen 1:25:50

Rhani Taylor 1:31:15

Craig Williams 1:39:20

Luca Albertoni 1:41:20

Nathan Toohey 1:41:21

Anna Steel 1:44:25

Livinia Evans 1:50:19

Katelyn Patricks 1:54:42

Javana D'Amico 1:55:05

Shaye Thornton 2:02:44

Raen Brademanne 2:02:45

Taya Evans 2:08:43

Jena Shaw 2:30:00

Chloe Inskip 3:06:05

Yasmin Williams 3:06:05

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