Cooma Challenge celebrates 60 years

Cooma Challenge staff, Graeme Jones, Liz McMahon and Chief Executive Officer, Sandra Donkers.

Cooma Challenge staff, Graeme Jones, Liz McMahon and Chief Executive Officer, Sandra Donkers.

COOMA Challenge Limited will be celebrating 60 years of service and dedication in the local community next week with a party at their Walgarra Street house.

The organisation delivers more than 20 different support services to people with disabilities and frail aged people in Cooma, Bombala and Jindabyne.

The organisation began in 1954 when the Cooma branch of the Subnormal Children's Welfare Association was formed by people who noticed that no mainstream attention was being given to children who had intellectual disabilities.

The Cooma branch began schooling in the Anglican Parish Hall until the Snowy Mountains Authority donated a building on the corner of Soho and Murray Street. This site was commonly known as Pine Lodge.

In 1993, the organisation was named Cooma Challenge Limited and over the many decades of service, the organisation has evolved, relocated and expanded to provide a range of support to those of all ages living with disabilities in the region.

Caroline Fox from Cooma Challenge Limited explained the importance of the organisation in the community.

"There are people in town that simply would not be able to look after their loved one at home, or would not be able to keep their job as well as look after their loved one, if they didn't have Cooma Challenge,"Ms Fox said.

"There are people who couldn't live in their own home in the community and have independence, if they didn't have the support of an organisation like Cooma Challenge."

Cooma Challenge Limited will be hosting a celebration at their Walgarra Street house next Tuesday, August 26 between 11.00am and 3.00pm.

All who have been involved or connected with the organisation over the past 60 years are invited to come along to share stories and memories.

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