Sam opens up Pages of Life

SAM Hutchinson is passionate about books. She loves them. She devours them, and she wants to share her enthusiasm with the rest of Cooma by opening her own bookshop.

And so, Cooma's newest shop, Pages of Life opened its doors in Sharp Street on Saturday morning with new books, new versions of 'old' books, best sellers, classics, new releases, and even some Little Golden Books (remember the Pokey Little Puppy?)

Ms Hutchinson even has the "largest jigsaw in the world," with 32,000 pieces, in her shop, which is next door to the Cooma Sports Store.

Every Saturday she will conduct a special 'kids reading time'.

"I love books and I believe in them," Sam said this week.

"I believe in how important bookshops are in communities, to groups and individuals within those communities, and I believe this passionately for country communities."

The store's power as a social space can come into play and becomes an in-demand service, providing for a greater good.

Sam has no illusions about the reach of online book sales, or even electronic books, but firmly believes there is still a big enough market of people who prefer the 'real thing.'

"Book consumers shouldn't support independent retailers just because they're smaller and thus perceived to be vulnerable. Instead, they have to support us because of what we offer - customer service, our range and a whole lot more," she said.

She has been inspired by the number of people who have urged her to open her new shop, who have expressed support and encouragement.

"Don't support me because I'm small and independent. Support me because of the things I do," she said.

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