Most improved in time trials

President of the Club Donna Saddler announced that the club captains for the 2012/2013 season will be Samantha Trotter and Jarrod Sopniewski - congratulations to both swimmers. The club will be holding a 24 hour swim commencing at 10am on Saturday 1st December and concluding at 10am on Sunday December 2.

The club asks all swimmers throughout the district especially regular lap swimmers to join in this swim. Names can be given to Lorraine Alford at the pool (64521766).

A 12 hour swim will be held for primary aged children (10am Saturday until 7pm Saturday and 7am Sunday until 10am Sunday) .Names in to Lorraine or to Betty Longhurst.

Monies raised will go towards replacing the starting blocks which have become a danger to everyone using the pool. Swimmers are also reminded that the Cooma Carnival will be held on Saturday November 24.

Week 4 of the swimming clubs time trials resulted in eight progressions and 43 improved times being swum Butterfly results C grade progressions Sophie Janota Abigail Sopniewski Hudson Laird Liam Davis Colin Kingston Bailee and Jackson Walsh.

Most improved Shelley Kleven(8 secs) and Callum Davis(7 secs). Improvers Sophie Janota Hudson Laird Darcy Barnes Liam Davis Colin Kingston and Jackson Walsh. B grade Most Improved Kadee Laird (9 secs) Laura Hobbs (6 secs). Improvers Chelsea Lunt Ella Davis Charlie and Archie Allen and Ryan Harmer .A Grade No improvers.

Backstroke C grade Most Improved Olo Brademann (5 secs) Erin Trevanion (2 secs) Improver Callum Davis B Grade. Most Improved Sophie Janota Emma Hopkin Liam Davis and Taylah Maurier all (3 secs).

Improvers Ethan Hunt Darcy Barnes Ryan Harmer and Shelley Kleven A Grade. Most Improved Ben Trotter (7 secs ) Jasmin Statham (6 secs). Improvers Jack Clayton Noah and Will Saddler Molly Janota Chelsea Lunt and Ella Davis.

Freestyle Results C grade Most Improved Ruby Barnes (2 secs). B Grade Most Improved Shelley Kleven (3 secs).

Improvers Rachel Hunt Darcy Barnes and Belle Adams. Most Improved Ella Davis (1 sec) Improvers Ben Trotter Molly Janota and Jasmin Statham.

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